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Storm Lake Update

  • DonJ
    Posts: 46

    Storm Lake is now open.
    Went fishing on Friday 3/23.
    2 walleyes 1 – 14 1/2 inch and 1 – 15 inch.
    Chartreuse twister tails.
    It was not fast and furious, but was sure nice to get back
    in the boat again.

    Ellsworth Ia.
    Posts: 35


    Is all the dredging done at Storm?


    Posts: 33

    One of my friends lives in storm lake and I was going to go back and see him in the next two weeks. I have never fished storm and I dont have a boat but I heard there are some good wading spots, could anyone point me in a few right directions? and is fishin at night the best time there? I usually throw twisters and tubes, I am hoping that angle would work there as well. Any info would be great, thank you.

    “If we dont release, we wont be able to catch”

    Posts: 46

    Dredger was parked at the marina, last weekend. From what I understand the dredging will go on for years to come. BJG wade out by the island on the north shore by the college. I think that is a pretty popular area to go out and cast jigs. Careful on the water depth, I believe Storm Lake is up a little compared to past years. I’ve never waded on Storm Lake before, so that’s about the best info I can give you. Good Luck !

    Central MN
    Posts: 3916

    bjg, i only checked out this post because i went down there for work a few years ago, i went fishing with a customer in his boat but i know there must have been about 30 guys in waders on the north side of the lake.. i would think you could swing over in the evening and look for a pile of cars parked,, fish there. the locals always know what’s happening.

    Posts: 1

    just checking on the water temp and hows the fishing now.

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