Storm Lake Walleye

  • fishiowa
    NW, IA
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    Fished SL the first time this year Friday afternoon. Had to work it fairly hard, but managed to pick up a 19, 18, 16, and one short. We threw chartreuse and black twisters. Caught the 19 on chartreuse and the rest on black. The bite appeared to be a little off from earlier in the week according to everyone out that day. Seen about four other keepers get landed.


    Dysart, IA
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    The better half and I tried our hand at SL tonight. We were only able to fish for 30-45 minutes and unfortunately it was starting to get dark, so we pulled a big fat 0 out of there tonight. We’re gonna give it a whirl again when we can get out earlier in the evening and see if anything will hit.

    It was still fun to wet a line and try out the new pole Hopefully I’ll be able to post a pic of the little lady with a nice fish on here after our next outing. Either way, it was a nice night to be down at the lake and not doing homework

    ps BFD, Big B, Little B… and dad think I’m doing homework everynight

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