St Louis River Duluth Ice report

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    Shallow water, walleyes, and aggressive baits are a great combination and the St Louis River in Duluth is a perfect location for it! As per usual, the yearly influx of walleyes that swarm into the river has begun.

    The past week i got to get out with some good buddies in search of these fish that the river is famous for. Although we didnt see any monsters there were lots of 17 to 24 plus inch fish caught, along with some over 26.

    We had tough weather with low pressure one day and then high skies the next which is a turn off for the fish but still managed to have some good days. Shallow water in the 7 foot depth was the best. Ice conditions are great but as everyone knows that can change daily especially with the ships still moving about.

    Noisy baits such as the VMC rattlespoon and Rapala Rippin Rap are the keys to success right now. Colors such as white in the helsinki shad and the UV colors in the rattle spoon work best. Fish are really able to see the white color and respond to it in a good way.

    Areas upriver should start to produce as we move into January. As with any location i like to disperse from the crowds. This is especially important in shallow water where these fish WILL change their habits and occupy deeper water due to increased noise levels from anglers.

    Keep a tight line and have fun! There is some great fishing to be had right now.

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    I had a blast with ya Grant! I can’t wait to hit it next month with ya!

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    Thanks for the report Grant, keep em coming…I’ll be hitting the bay the next 3 or so 4 days, maybe I’ll see ya out there…

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    Hey I am new to the Duluth area and have fished the river before in the spring, but never in the winter. Is it too late to try this time of year or can you still find steady action up the river?

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    You can still catch them in there until March 1st, its been slow for a while down there this year (probably has something to do with these 20 cold fronts so far this year)…

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