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Staying at Chippewa Pines Resort next week. Tips on perch fishing?

  • bob
    Posts: 20

    Will be up at Chippewa pines resort 8/28 thru 9/4. I’ve read that the walleye bite is good during windy days and at night. Hoping that the drop in water temps with fire them up. Also hoping to find some decent eater size perch. Have never been on a body of water that has had zebra mussels for such an extended period of time. Will report back on how two old men and myself do. Cheers

    Jon Jordan
    St. Paul, Mn
    Posts: 4420

    For Perch, I would boat over to Pug Hole and through the channel to Kitchie. Fish the reed beds in both lakes. Jig and fathead pitched right up into the reed edges.

    If the lake is real low, you may need to trailer over. The cut from Cass to Pug may be too shallow this year.

    Hope to get up there in early Oct.

    Good luck.


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