ST Louis Skies

  • Allan Davis
    Carlton, MN
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    Went out for skies today mainly fished the harbor this time. Never even saw a fish. Temps were high we tried casting weeds and a little trolling in deeper water. I mainly fish the river for them it was my first time in the harbor. Was I on the right path? Or do you fish more of the flats or even the shipping lanes out there? I know up on the river you can find fish in the channel or off the channel. I haven’t done that well up the river either this year up by oliver lost one or two skies that were small and caught a few pike thats it. Maybe next time I will try the middle river around the smithville access. Any thoughts or hints would be helpful. I don’t need GPS coordinates or anything like that just looking for a little help I am relatively new to muskie fishing and would like to learn more from anyone.

    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
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    I’ve fished the St. Louis River a couple times with good muskie anglers from the area and by mid-summer almost all their time was spent in the harbor on the lake-side of the bridge. The shallow weedy flats adjacent to deeper water was the general pattern. Big bucktails in bright patterns worked the best for us.

    Allan Davis
    Carlton, MN
    Posts: 415

    Thank you. I wasn’t to far off then.

    Woodbury, Mn
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    We had a guide trip locked in for Sat on the River with one of the areas best guides (Jeff Evans). He took us to an inland lake instead because there was no river bite.

    Duluth, Mn
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    River bite has been poor for a few years now. I prefer to cast, but trolling can be more effective. Go find and mark a bunch of weeds, then cast to them. Otherwise go troll the flats. Most of the big fish have found new habitat to live in. Definitely not the easiest body of water to start musky fishing on.

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