soldSt Croix Tournament Legend Sling Blade

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    Hi Fellas,

    I have a pretty much brand new St Croix Legend Tournament Sling Blade up for sale. Heck, I still have the plastic it came in.

    I know it was a bit of a risk for me as I have always favored an 8 footer, but for the price I got from a friend it was just too good of a deal to pass up without giving it a test run.

    I gave it a go a few times now, but the length, thinner fore grip than I am used to now that I have a rod with syncork, and some unexpected boat expenses that just seem to keep piling up this season lead me to put this up for sale so somebody else can make use of it.

    I am looking to get $ 225.00.

    Please note, I am not looking to ship, as I have nothing to ship it in but would prefer to meet somebody here in the Twin Cities area. I live on the east side of the Twin Cities.

    Thanks for looking.


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