St. Croix customer service?

  • walleyevision
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    Has anyone else had issues with St. Croix’s customer service lately? I recently ordered some rods and received half my order with the other half being listed as backordered. I want to know an estimated time for delivery so I’ve been trying to get in touch with them.

    I tried their email correspondence twice (2 weeks ago) and have heard nothing back.

    Yesterday I called and sat on hold for 30 minutes, finally selecting the option to have someone call me back. Well it’s been 30 hours and no one has called. Super frustrating and it makes me not want to be their customer in the future.

    Charlie W
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    I have been in the same situation a couple times. Then everything just showed up.

    Their communication has been worse since COVID but they still send me my orders and replace my broken stuff no questions asked so I’m not mad at them.

    Be patient. They’ll deliver.

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