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    Hello all. We are looking at making our first open water trip to Devil’s Lake this spring to do some pike fishing. I’m trying to research as much as I can leading up to the trip, but I’m having trouble finding any information other than pike are everywhere. Does anyone know of a resource where I could learn more about the lake and potential locations? Or does anyone have advice for someone coming up for the first time in May? Thanks for any help!


    Mike Johnson
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    Your research is correct. Pike are everywhere. You Shouldn’t have a problem locating and catching them. If you set up in an area and don’t catch any, move. They will be biting somewhere. Have Fun out there.

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    Awesome, thanks for the quick reply! I don’t want to ask for too much here, but I would welcome any advice you can give on presentations or locations, obviously…as well as any advice on places to stay. I’ve been up there one time perch fishing through the ice, but this will be our first “real” fishing trip up there. I’m sure we will have an excessive assortment of spoons, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, swimbaits, and everything else that moves. Thanks again!


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    I’ve never fished after ice out pike before, but I’ve fished extremely late ice pike often. As far as presentation I’d use dead bait on the bottom. Or live bait under a bobber. Maybe even trim the tail. I know late ice they seem kinda lazy, and don’t want to chase much. I’m not sure how much they will want to chase fast moving artificials. Maybe a slow moving twitch bait like a husky jerk or something. I may be off base here. Hopefully somebody chimes in here. I’m interested as well.

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    Find the North Bays with wood in them, the water will warm there first. Fish very slowly, jerk baits with a slow rise, A bass style fluke will work also. They should become more active as the day goes on and the water warms so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t getting bit early.

    Stay after it. Each guy in the group should throw something different at a different retrieve speed. Once they start biting everybody switch over.

    Have fun.

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