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Sportfish 2050

  • The jagermeister
    Posts: 10

    Hello all,

    Was hoping to get any insights on the Crestliner Sportfish 2050. I have never been in a Crestliner fishing been in LUnd and Alumicraft both nice rigs, but the dealers are quite a distance from me in the northeast. Would like to buy from someone fairly local (50 miles) for any warrenty/maintenace needs.

    Any feedback + or – on the Sportfish? How does it handle on big water? Will use it for primarily fishing and tubing. Looking for any thoughts on this potential purchase as new boats are moving quickly as we get closer to season.

    Thanks in advance

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
    Posts: 13189

    Lots of happy Crestliner owners. Go find the model you are interested in and climb around in it. Sit in it like you were fishing. Good sized investment so look things over so you know it fits your needs. Do not be talked into undersizing the motor. Fairly heavy boat so you will want the ponies on the back.

    Have fun & enjoy.

    The jagermeister
    Posts: 10

    Thanks Dutch,

    I pulled the trigger on the Sportfish 2050 with a 225hp engine, its actually the photo boat used for the 2021 brochure, It was loaded and the price was right. Thanks for you insight on the engine too. Maxed at 225, April cant get here fast enough!!!


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