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South Dakota Cats?

  • Sam Smith
    Posts: 15

    I moved to Sioux Falls last October and am still learning all the great water in this state. My time has been spent chasing primarily walleyes and some smallmouth so far in this state, however I went to college in Crookston, MN which is 20 minutes from the famous Red River and also has a smaller tributary to the red that runs through town. We really had the channel cats dialed in, both size and numbers, after 4 years of doing homework on the river bank, and I’ve got the itch to get into some big catfish. I’ve never caught a flathead or blue but they really have my interest. I guess I’m just curious on some starting spots. Just some public accessible spots to set up either on the Big Sioux or James River. Is one river significantly better than the other? Are either safe to navigate in a boat, or is it mainly a shoreline deal? Is there anywhere worth fishing within an hour or so of Sioux Falls?

    I’m not trying to glob onto anyone’s secret holes or anything, I’m just looking for a couple spots to start my search. I have hopped on google earth quite a bit, but it’s always tough deciphering what is public or not. Any information is happily accepted. Thanks!

    Mike Johnson
    Nashua Iowa
    Posts: 121

    I would bet Todd Heitramp at Dakota Angler could point you in the right direction. Great guy and great bait shop.

    S.E., SD
    Posts: 80

    PM sent

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