Source for scuds

  • mojo
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    The freshwater shrimp type, not the missiles. Actually a source for the missiles would be nice also. Send me whatever you got.
    I’m in need of a source for bulk scuds. Probably a bait trapper/dealer that works in the Twin City Metro or Western WI. I want to stock them in a small lake I fish and hunt, to supplement fish and waterfowl forage. I’ve looked into this in the past, and if I recall, mid-winter is the best time to stock them.

    Cottage Grove, MN
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    Private fish stocking is illegal without a permit in Minnesota. I would recommend checking with the DNR before doing this to prevent any issues.

    Snake ii’s
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    If the conditions are right for their survival, I would bet they are already in there.

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    I looked into it a few years ago and found a bunch on Ebay actually. Not sure if they are still on there though. I didn’t buy any so no experience there.

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