Some tackle for the ladies….

  • Jimmy Jones
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    The crappies are on beds now and not a good time to be picking on them, so I dug out the airbrush and whipped up some tiny crank blanks I use for earrings. There’s usually a hook hanger about two thirds of the way back towards the tail but I pull them out them seal the hole.

    I did ten pairs for a book shop up north that also deals with stuff that local crafters and artisans do and the owner talked me into these earrings, so….

    I have a couple boxes of various tiny crankbaits of similar sizes to these earrings that I use during the summer months and I brought those back to life when I got the airbrush compressor out.

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    Dakota County, MN
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    These are so much fun! Still loving the pair I have! mrgreen

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    tim hurley
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    You should be able to get crappies w/o fishing beds, I got them yesterday 12′ down over 19fow.

    Jimmy Jones
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    Your fish have likely spawned already. Where I fish the lake is way behingd on the spawn this year.

    I’ll be picking on the river now….bass and pike.

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