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Snell length?

  • ThunderLund78
    Posts: 1464

    I plan on pre-rigging a bunch of spinner/lindy rigs for a Mid August boat-in camping trip on Namakan – first time for me. Is snell length a factor up there? I’ve typically used the “factory” rigs but want to build a bunch for myself this time. I’m curious to know what length people like in late summer. Also any sinker style preferences (IE standard lindy sinker, bottom bouncer, etc) Appreciate any advice, thanks!

    Posts: 7297

    The longer you make them the easier it is to go shorter.
    Much harder to make a short snell longer on the fly. lol

    Harris, Somewhere in VNP
    Posts: 808

    I usually go 4-5ft up there for length.
    For regular rigs a traditional Lindy sinker, egg, or bullet sinker all work fine.
    I use bottom bouncers with spinners unless I’m fishing shallower than 10ft or so.

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