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  • Deuces
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    Hi folks, I’ve come to the forum to get something off my chest. I’m a slot-aholic. I really have been for years now. My family hides it from others but there is no doubt I have to let big fish go even if they’re legally inside/outside over/under a slot. Sure I can give excuses that there are studies out there saying you should, or tv shows tell ya you should, or even just peer pressure saying to let the big females go, but I just can’t anymore. The imbalance is far too great.

    So this past week I’ve slayed several biggins. It hurts. It hurts bad. There may be nightmares to come, will need to schedule some therapy for sure, but I, we, will get over this. Even pics of the meat haul show’s disgust.

    Whew, I’m glad that’s over.

    Serious note, night trolling stickbaits in rocky shorelines is catching fish. Firetiger definite hot color. 3-6′, farther back from boat also a good thing. Daytime fished skies, none for us, so nothing to report. Heard about couple caught on suckers.

    Big thanks to Tuma for showing me what a real muskie lure looks like compared to ones I had. Those things just a lil bit harder to throw lol

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    We did have enough people in the boat so our 1 over 20″ was all good. Party fishing is legal isnt it?

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    Was just up at Leech and caught a ton of big fish also. 4 fish 27″ or bigger.

    We did get some to eat but a couple of 21s did end up on the table.

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    It was hard keeping the bigger ones for once. But we also put big ones back and followed the law. It was easer saying sure keep the one over after drinking all day and not getting any under. Then I saw them in the morning and your face in the picture says it all. Thank you Nick for allowing me to come along and I would be happy to share a boat with you guys anytime. toast

    Posts: 3683

    Was just up at Leech and caught a ton of big fish also. 4 fish 27″ or bigger.

    We did get some to eat but a couple of 21s did end up on the table.

    That’s fantastic. I was hoping for one over 27″ but couldn’t find her.

    Resort owner says alot of people throw biggins back, which I get, but he said the dnr wants folks to keep their one over, see what the regulation will do for creating a more balanced population where it’s not all biggins.

    Time will tell, only been on for couple years now. Hoping to get back up once more this fall.

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    It’s ok to keep legal fish. Especially when our lakes are getting top heavy even according to the dnr. Fish don’t live forever. But bigger fish do consume a lot of biomass affecting the food chain for the good and bad in a lot of cases. We’ve all been taught it’s better to let big fish go across the board, but that’s not always good for certain fisheries.

    There’s a support group in a church basement waiting to help get over slot anxiety somewhere.

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