Outdoor news cheating allegations again!

  • jeremy-liebig
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    Looks like they are at it again. Unless this story is proven otherwise I’d be pretty hesitant to believe it based on the last one they ran. Interesting nonetheless.

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    I don’t want to take the Outdoor news’ side, but if you look at what I believe was last weeks outdoor news, it is in there under the cuffs and collars section. They won’t be able to prove someone was cheating in a tournament, but why else would someone do that?

    Hastings, MN
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    At least this time he had some proof to what he was aledging! Why else would someone tie it up to a jug alittle under the water?

    Hastings, MN Lake Isabel activist
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    Why in Sam H#@ would you not get on the phone and make a call?????????

    Bob Bowman
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    I hope this is not true

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    I also saw this story in the Mille Lacs Messenger. There was a Conservation Officer that witnessed the fish on a jug. Whether it was a tournament guy or someone trying to make tournament guys look bad, we will probally never know. Everyones gut reaction is to go right after Muskie tournament anglers. But I think most of these guys would be smarter than that. Was there even a tournament in the area at the time. I would imagine that a fish would not last long tied to a rope with no food. If it was a tournament fisherman, and that is a big if, they should get the same treatment. GET A ROPE!

    St. Paul, MN
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    Is there a link to this story so we can see it?

    Anoka, MN
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    Why didn’t they just leave it after they released the fish and watch it during the tournament?

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