Esox Rods Pro Staff

  • Jason Sullivan
    Chippewa Falls, WI
    Posts: 1383

    I know nothing about this company being a walleye guy, but I came across this program to be on their pro staff that may be of interest. Pro Staff Page


    Shane Hildebrandt
    Blaine, mn
    Posts: 2921

    hey Jason,

    I sent in just to see what they say, I am mostly all bass and sometimes them bigger toothy slimmers. you just never know.



    Cedar, Min-E-So-Ta
    Posts: 1482

    I applied, if they retail those rods at those prices I guess I would have to expect them to be something special.

    La Crosse, WI
    Posts: 172

    i applied and i got a phone call from the owner, we are going to work something out, i looked at the site and talked to him and found out that a lot of it is for bass, even know the name is esox, i have to buy 3 rods to become pro staff, and the owner(Gary Moorehead) is an extremely nice guy, i hope everybody else is as lucky as i am with it,
    BTW i have used these rods and they ROCK

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