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Single Person Charter- Milwaukee Area

  • Ryan Grommersch
    Posts: 1

    I will be traveling to the Milwaukee area in the end of July. My wife has a conference during the day and I was looking at maybe trying to find a charter boat to try some fishing on Lake Michigan. I am an avid fisherman but have never fished any of the great lakes. Are they any charters out here that would take one person or add them on with another group? I see most websites state I would have to purchase the whole boat for $400-700 for half a day? Are there any other options out there? Looking at a 5-6 hour morning trip on a Saturday or Sunday.


    SW Metro
    Posts: 6997

    You can call around to a few charter businesses and let them know the situation, and if they have room for one more they will usually add you in with another group if the other group is ok with it.

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