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soldShotgun Reloading Supplies

  • Rainylakefisher
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    I have some reloading supplies I have decided to liquidate. I’d prefer to sell the whole package at once, but will consider breaking it up if the price is right. It’s old and dusty, but it’s been stored correctly (dry & cool) with no reason it won’t work as it should. Retail prices (as shown at the end of each line below) it all adds up to about $530. Take the whole lot for $300 cash or Venmo. If you want any specific items, make me an offer I can’t refuse.

    2 – 1 lb Red Dot powder jugs (sealed) ($40 each)
    2 – 4 lb Red Dot Casks (one sealed – one opened but mostly full) ($145 each)
    500 – Winchester AA Wads 12 Ga ($32)
    250 – Winchester Superlite AA Wads 12 Ga ($16)
    1200 – Winchester 209 Primers ($110)

    1. 20201022_124657-scaled.jpg

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