shore fishing St. Loius

  • Tim J
    Duluth, MN
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    Going up to duluth for a wedding this weekend and I was thinking I’d bring the UL rod and do some shore fishing for panfish. Right now I’m trying to scout some areas and was wondering if anyone had any input on where to start. From the boat I’m familiar with most parts of the river up to Boy Scout. I was thinking I would just go to one of the boat landings and starting walking shoreline and casting. Is it safe to say that any areas on google maps in green is state land and its fair game for walking? The entire bay/pennisula and further west of boy scout is green so I was thinking I’d start in that back water and go from there. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have looked up county plot maps for several different counties for free online. Some take a little searching to find but the ones I have looked for have been there.

    Allan Davis
    Carlton, MN
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    I don’t know about what is fair game as far as land. but you should be able to catch crappies on the MN side of the oliver bridge.

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