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Was anyone else at Sherman this weekend?

  • Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
    Posts: 3149

    A few of us headed up there early Sat. morning. We got there a little too late. As we pulled up to Todd on the ice (he beat us there by an hour ) he was landing a nice eater walleye. We hurried up and punched a group of holes and began jigging in 28 FOW. Layne quickly landed a short walleye and we all were marking some decent fish on the bottom. They would follow no more than 2 feet up and then they were gone. It was frustrating to say the least. We were all betting they were eyes so Layne dropped his camera to have a look. Sure enough they were eyes and schools of them. Even some bigger ones. It didn’t take long before we couldn’t even mark any more so we headed off in search of some crappie. We spent the next 6 hours power fishing like it was nobody’s business. We had 3 augers burning holes by the hundreds and couldn’t find any willing fish. We hit a couple areas where we marked some fish and I even landed one dandy 13 inch crappie but no schools were found. In the same spot I caught the crappie we also landed 4 or 5 nice channel cats. We wrapped up the evening on our walleye spot from the morning hoping there would be an evening bite but nothing happend. We didn’t even mark very many fish like we did in the morning.

    This was the worst ice fishing trip I have yet to have at Sherman. I have an idea though…… I think with the moon being so big and bright along with very clear ice on 75% of the lake that this created perfect low light conditions for several nights around the full moon. My thought is that during the day the fish were fat and happy and would get their fill again at night under the moonlight. I wish I would have had the energy and time to stay and fish throughout the night. Did anyone else expierence a similar situation at Sherman this weekend or at any other lake with no snow and clear ice on it?? Just trying to solve a little mystery. I’d love to hear your input.

    Central City, NE
    Posts: 358

    Not at Sherman this weekend but at several local lakes we ran into the same problem. In places that had been hot spots during the previous week we could not even get a single burn. Four hours and fifty holes and not a single blip on the vex. Changed lakes and real late in the day caught some cats and that is it. It was a bummer of a weekend.

    I support your thinking on this one Ben. By all calendars it should have been a hot time. But it wasn’t.

    Posts: 55

    I do not know about the moon phases or things like that ben . I was on a lake north and little east of you and had a fantastic fishing trip. Friday evening got a limit of eyes as you call them . Was off the ice by 11 am with a nice limit of eyes a and a couple of pike on saturday. Then on Sunday from around 8:30 I had pike smashing my tip ups till about 11:00 when they slowed down. I had a great weekend. So I would not think the moon had much influence on what was going on in my area. Ice was from 20 to 25 inches thick some ares was clear others white or cloud colored. Couple places on the lakeI there was some buckling but. I canot remember a better year to fish Nebraska on ice.

    Grand Island, NE
    Posts: 17

    Bob which lake were you on…north and east of Sherman is Davis. Would that be it by chance?

    Posts: 22

    My father and I made a late trip to Sherman and got out about 4. We didn’t even take the shelters. We fished for about two hours and managed a 13″ crappie and a 4″ walleye. Right at dark they would follow up 6 or 8 feet, but did not seem committed to strike.

    With no football I will be spending some time on the ice. Its too bad its so late in the season. Fishing usually gets nothing but tougher for me anyway. The brother-in-laws family has a 65 acre private lake at Cbus with walleye, huge white bass and crappie. I am trying to worm my way out there. We will see what the weekend brings.

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