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Sheds everywhere

  • kooty
    1 hour 15 mins to the Pond
    Posts: 18101

    My buddy back home winters up to 500 head of deer every year. He was able to spend a few hours this past weekend shed hunting. They found over a 100 horns in total.

    Winona, MN
    Posts: 699

    Not even in my wildest dreams…

    Central MN
    Posts: 2853

    Man what I wouldn’t give to even have sloppy seconds in a spot like that! That would make for a long walk home. Congrats to him. Does he always find this many?

    Maple Grove, MN
    Posts: 270

    Now that is a lot of bone.
    Does he sell most of them each yeat. I can see how extra storage space for horns could get limited very quick.

    1 hour 15 mins to the Pond
    Posts: 18101

    I’m not sure he picked up this many in years past, but we had one of those winters that really herded up the deer also. At this point, I think he just keeps all the horns.

    I can remember during one of my trips back there this winter yote hunting, sitting on the hill overlooking this place. It was like cockroaches in the night. The ground just seemed to be moving. Crazy amount of deer wintered there this year. They have a few hundred acres that is primarily all food plots. I’m very jealous of the meca they are creating!

    Posts: 559

    WOW, would love to going looking in a spot like that.

    Posts: 231

    Saving a lot of flat tires on farm equipment if nothing else. Sounds like one of those spots we all dream about getting on someday.

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