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Matched Shed and Dead Head

  • ragerunner
    Winona, MN
    Posts: 699

    After hours of looking for the match to my second shed, I finally found it while fixing fences this weekend! I was within 35 yds of it at least once. I also found this goofy deadhead last weekend. Rumor has it that a big buck was hit by a truck near our farm, so I went looking for it in the neighbor’s ditch. Didn’t see it, but found this guy half buried (likely another car casualty). It’s 3-4 years old.

    Maple Grove, MN
    Posts: 270

    It’s funny how they can just show up. Great job.

    1 hour 15 mins to the Pond
    Posts: 18101

    That is one odd racked buck.

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