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    Just spoke with a co-worker that got back from there yesterday & it was real slow. He fished 2 day’s & kept 3 fish. They did catch a few nice smallies & that was about the highlite of the trip. If your going west Oahe is still the place to hit. The bite is moving down closer to the face of the dam right now & they are still catching decent numbers everyday off straight hooks & 1/2 crawlers & leeches.

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    I heard this weekend the bite on Sharpe was pretty good. I also heard the trolling bite on Lower Oahe was really good. I guess a little stable weather makes a big difference. I trolled all last weekend and couldn’t get bit, but the 1/2 a crawler was the ticket. Sounds like deep cranks was the ticket this weekend on the flats.

    Thanks for the update Ironguts, keep us posted!!

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