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Thanks Quinton!

  • bullcans
    Northfield MN
    Posts: 1693

    Fished Webster area lakes last Thursday- Monday morning of this week and found good numbers of fish but lots of shorties.

    12″-13″ were very common however did come home with 18 between 15.5″-20.5″ between the 3 of us.

    Mainly pulled live bait with bottom bouncers, spinners and slow death rigs. Quinton helped out alot by narrowing my search and eliminated some lakes that i was going to choose to fish so it didn’t waste or time. 14’was the magic depth no matter which lake we choose.
    Bitter, Cattail, and Lynn were slow but Opitz produced the best.

    Quinton, i will for sure be contacting you again prior to going out and will try pitching plugs more as you first recommended

    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 2512

    sounds like a good trip, really helps to speed up the learning curve when someone out there has the knowledge. I’ve really been wanting to get out there but work and remodeling the house seem to eat up too much time. QB has put the offer up to others as well to help them out and some day I’ll be out there giving it a try. good job

    Quintin Biermann
    Webster, South Dakota
    Posts: 436

    Sounds like you are right in with the norm of what has hit lately in my area. I know for a fact last weekend at Bitter there were upwards of 75 rigs running around and I heard of one confirmed limit of fish that came in. I have been fishing some out of the way lakes a little bit farther drive from Webster at the moment pulling Rapala Minnow Raps around in size 9 around in those same depths to find fish. Late july is also a fun time to fish panfish as well as chase some smallmouth on topwater. I have a 6 day stretch off coming up and looking to fish all 6. Shoot me a text, call, or PM with any questions. I will do my best to help – QB

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