saylorvile lake eyes

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    Dave just thought I would let you know that the eyes are there. A friend of mine got two on Monday the 23 and I talked to a guy on the ramp that got one almost 10 pounds a week and a half ago. The whites are still hard to find but when you do it is great as you know.I might try to get out there in the afternoons for a few days and see how the nite bite is. Hope to see you out there. Jim

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    Hi Jim!
    I have great admiration for anyone who can catch walleyes out there on a regular basis. I have trolled and jigged for hours and hours on end without even a hit. After you and I went out last fall I went out half a dozen more trips and always came home without one. I often found other fish, mostly LM Bass, but the walleyes eluded me. That’s probably a function of my lack of walleye expertise. I pretty much gave up on them there and moved over to Big Creek to find them. I came to the same conclusion that I think you have about BC; yes, you can catch them, but you end up gut-hooking and tearing up a lot of 12-14″ walleyes which is a real shame especially if you are CPR guy like myself.
    I can consistantly find Whites, LM Bass and catfish out at Saylorville so I have stopped looking for walleyes. Perhaps this fall as the water cools down I will give it another shot.

    I’ll be the guy trolling 50ft behind you, doing whatever you are doing..


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    Saw some nice northern taken below the dam last night. They said they were just banging the rocks with some divers. Might try it again tonight, I’ll let you know how i do.

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    Glad to hear I may head up there tomorrow afternoon and try it myself

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    Can you guys tell me what kind of presentation worked for those 2 or 3 eyes if you know? I used to just troll shad raps at sandpiper with pretty good success and all the whites mixed in was fun. Haven’t caught a walleye there in at least three years now, but haven’t fished it too much.

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