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    Has anyone been fishing Saylorville lately? We’re going to give it another try Saturday. If there is good potential, my brother will come over from Omaha for the afternoon and evening. But, again, the forcast is for continued cool but at least the winds are suposed to be a little more cooperative than last time.

    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appriciated.


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    Hi Brad,

    I am also going to be out on Saylorville Saturday. If the wind doesnt drive us off, Im sure we will find the whites and wipers.

    I am going to try to hit Sayloville tonight for a couple of hours. Ill just be casting from shore so it wont be an indication of what is happening with the white bass out in the lake, but I will let you know how it goes.

    From what I have heard, the cool weather has not shut down the whites but you do have to move around quite a bit to find them unlike a month ago.

    Good luck,


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    any luck for shore bound anglers up there, I can never find a spot up there myself

    Des Moines, IA
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    Well I just got back. Got another really nice pair of LM Bass on Saylorville. This time with an ultralight rod, so it was a ton of fun. I could give you the whole rundown except it was EXACTLY as detailed in my July 29 report. Same spot, same technique, same lure, same time…

    I did try something else this time that worked well too. A white Gulp minnow (3″?) rigged like a weedless worm with no weight. Twitching it over the rocks produced some nice hits and at least one nice bass.

    I have also concluded that the action shuts down with the sun. I did get one nice hit in the total darkness, but that was the only one…

    The days are getting shorter… perhaps I should put the kids to bed earlier???

    So, sorry, I cant tell you much about white bass activity, but the Saylorville LMs are still chasing shad….

    Tight lines,

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