Running wire 2021 Lund Fury 1600 Tiller

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    I’m attempting to run 6 ga wire from transom to bow to power bow trolling motor. I’m moving the forward battery to the rear due to excessive bow weight. I don’t use an outboard motor, I use a electric motor on the transom. Each motor has their own battery.
    I’m not sure the wire can run through the conduit under the deck. I’m considering running the wire thru the bulkhead where the rods are stored. Trying to find out if anyone knows if the top of rod locker bulkhead can be removed. When I put my hand inside the rod storage area it feels like there are nylock nuts holding the screws.

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    Remove the forward battery tray, and see if there are rigging tubes under the floor. I have a 1650 Angler, under the tray was a 4″ hole, sticking my phone thru and taking pictures showed me the (2) tubes, 1 that ran forward, the other to the stern.

    Your Fury might be similar.


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    ED S
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    There is nothing under the battery tray. The rope for fishing wire terminates near the front trolling motor receptacle.

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