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soldRoman Exercise Chair for sale

  • Sharon
    Dakota County, MN
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    FOR SALE!!
    Anyone interested in a Roman Chair? Seldom used and it’s in great shape. $50 and it’s yours!

    Roman chairs are a great piece of exercise equipment – they can lengthen and strengthen your back muscles and reduce pressure on your lower back, and help you build core strength. Cash only, pick up in SE Metro area.

    1. 317369532_10224521446238652_4387825186533243054_n.jpg

    2. 317428336_10224521446558660_350559004838209331_n.jpg

    3. 317430122_10224521446998671_1944098111048838930_n.jpg

    4. 317313566_10224521447078673_2557863925308020946_n.jpg

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    Sharon did you get all the back muscles and core strengthening you needed?

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    Those cushions look just about the right distance apart to store ice rods on them. whistling

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