Rod found on leech

  • Hey
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    Was pulling bottom bouncers on a well known hump on south Walker Bay yesterday
    Snagged a high end custom rod made from a st croix blank with a reel. It has custom engraving on it and looks like it was a gift to someone.

    It still had part of the rod holder attached to the rod where it broke off when snagged.

    Anyway it looks important to someone and I want to give it back.

    You tell me who the custom builder was or what the engraving says, what’s different about the rod and round about when it was built it’s yours again.

    Must pick up in Walker, MN

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    Kudos to you Hey. applause Someone’s going to be really happy if it makes it back to them.

    Could you tell what kind of rod holder it was so I don’t buy that brand? lol

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    Not sure of brand. It had a rubber strap on it to secure the rod

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    Whitecap custom rods

    ryan hunt
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    Looks like they are no longer building rods based on their website, but this is the info for them. I would imagine if you contacted the builder they will know who it was built for.

    Quick google search and all the info including a phone number pops us. Located in Deerwood MN

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    Number is out of service

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    Good on you for trying to return it Hey. If nobody claims it I’ll be near Horseshoe 9/11 – 9/18 if you’d like to donate it to a cheesehead.

    Brian Klawitter
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    If anyone knows Hey, I’ve sent him a private message from the owner of Whitecap Custom Rods.

    …In case he still has it. waytogo

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    Well, let’s bring this to the top again!!!


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    She gone. I gifted it to a local kid in North Dakota and it has a great home.

    Not a chance I will ask him to give it up.

    End of story.

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