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Rigging / Mounting on Warrior 193?

  • Mike
    Posts: 16

    I’m back again with questions. I previously asked questions about ordering a 193 and the responses were so helpful I’m back with more. The boat is ordered and expected in weeks..thanks. I’m now gearing to rig the boat.

    Where would you suggest a marine radio and antenna be mounted? Likewise, how would you mount 2 9” graphs?

    The antenna will be detachable. I’m considering on the starboard side just outside the windshield so I can reach it with my right hand. The Warrior layout does not provide any shelves in the console area where the radio can be mounted, everything in the operators compartment is clean and flush. I’m considering on the starboard side below the controls in a vertical position.

    For the graphs, I’m considering a piece of track on the operators dash on which I could slide 2 mounts. All suggestions welcomed. Please attach any pictures if you have them for clarity.

    Thanks to all. Stay safe. Merry Christmas

    Dean Marshall
    Chippewa Falls WI /Ramsey MN
    Posts: 5822

    Congratulations on the new Warrior. I don’t think anyone can say what’s best as we all use and sit differently in the boat. The radio make sense to do as you mentioned as long as you don’t bump or kick it every time you get in & out of the drivers chair… I would suggest looking at the driver side by the throttle area.
    Antenna are most common by driver side windshield…. for operator control
    I have just went to a hand held version and find that much simpler and works for me.

    Electronics you have all the room in the world for two 9 inch graphs…. 2 stabil mounts will be great and the trax idea will work but probably one extra step that isn’t needed. The trax is a great multi tasker if you should change graphs down the road, but they do require constant re tighten efforts…

    Austin MN
    Posts: 411

    Here is how I mounted my antenna.

    1. 20200909_190350.jpg

    Posts: 106

    You would think with today’s technology you could find a smaller antenna foot print & length.
    How often are you pinging someone on the CB Radio
    Or is it more or less for weather conditions ??

    Is it truly a necessity ?

    Just curious.

    Posts: 16

    Future”…I don’t want a CB radio. I am purchasing a marine VHF radio which I feel is necessary.

    When I’m 13-14 miles out on Lake Erie in 4 footers near the Canadian line, I want the ability to communicate. My cell does not always work there and even if it does, it switches to an international setting which does not give me comfort. Total cost will be around 600, which is a small one-time price to pay
    for safety.

    Concerning the technology, it doesn’t matter what I think, what matters is what works. I’ve had hand-helds and they just don’t get out far. Experience with my previous boat demonstrated the need for an 8’ antenna. Google how antennas work and you’ll learn that radio signals function by line-of-sight technology, meaning the curvature of the earth limits how far signals travels. The higher the antenna, the further the signal travels.

    Plus, modern radios possess the ability to immediately send distress signals to the USCG and other nearby boats. If properly registered, that signal not only gives an exact GPS coordinates, it provides my specific boat information and personal information allowing a proper response. It also allows me to help others if I am nearby because I receive their distress signal. And, weather functions allow me to be proactive if conditions turn bad.

    So….I consider my marine vhf radio one of my best safety investments. For me it is a necessity, more so than much of the other equipment I have on board.

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