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Reports on the backwaters

  • Luke Addington
    Posts: 3

    Happy new year! Just wanted to see how everyone is doing on the backwaters so far this ice season. I have had limited success, with some good gills and decent perch, with the occasional LM and northern. Lots of drilling and walking to find the fish. I normally fish pool 4/5, the ice has been quite variable, but not too bad with a spud bar and some common sense. I hope this ice season treats everyone well and hope to hear some good reports!

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    Posts: 1666

    Getting few decent gills,crappie,and small bass on pool 10.Ice good but getting slushy today.

    SE MN
    Posts: 3218

    nice! we just got back today and it was on fire. fishing a cut in P5 today. it is a pretty shallow cut so kept the drilling to a minimum to minimize noise. it started pretty slow from 9 to noon and then it was non stop from about 1 to 3 after a quick move to 7 feet of water.
    95% gills with a few perch mixed in but they were some bigguns. i wish the rest of my trips go this well but going to be tough to top today for numbers of quality fish anyway. you know its a good day when you fish most of the day and drill 4 holes! i wish i had pictures to share but did not have time really and all are still swimming, most with sore lips.

    Posts: 29

    Nice to see people on some fish! I’ve been doing decent on pool 4 and some backwaters off the Chippewa. All perch so far no crappies or gills.

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