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Remington choke tube question

  • MNdrifter
    Wright County, MN
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    Neighbor finally got back to me giving me permission to make a play on the two gobblers that I have heard making a fuss each morning for a week and a half as I climb into the work truck to go to work. Kids shooting, I’m guiding/calling. I have 2 chokes I’m thinking of using in an 870. Wondering which one is tightest. One is a factory full choke, other is stamped “over the decoys”. The OTD choke came with a waterfowl edition 870 I bought several years ago. I know I should have patterned them, but kinda late now. Anyone know which patterns tighter? Kids shooting so probably not that big of deal as shot will be 40 yards or closer with 3 1/2” turkey loads. Any insight?

    North branch, mn
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    I’d shoot the full choke.

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    Do you have a caliper?

    If not try a couple coins on edge and see what’s tighter. The OTD is probably a designed for steel shot at close range from the description you gave, which would probably be something like an improved cylinder.

    Either way though, I’d really try to keep any shot at/under 30 yards without patterning the gun with a turkey choke.

    It’s incredible what the difference can be with different chokes, loads and shot sizes.

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    Over the decoys will be simular to an improved cylinder. Full will be a tighter pattern, both of those chokes should kill at 40 yards without any issue.

    Wright County, MN
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    Most likely going to stick with the full as it has killed a couple turkeys. Only reason I ask is when I first got the gun I used the OTD choke for early goose season once. Shot 3 1/2” #2 black clouds out of it. It literally looked like I shot a goose in the The breast with a slug. Buddy’s laughed when I shot a loaner on my side at about 40 yards. They said it was blown back 2’ on impact. It is an extended tube and looks similar constriction as the full. I do not have a caliper to measure. I thought it’s close to a pattern master choke.

    St. Paul, MN
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    The Remington over the decoys chokes of that era generally fell between modified and improved cylinder. Most compared them to a loose modified. They were designed for steel shot on incoming birds.

    Measuring the choke is kind of an exercise in frustration because Remington’s manufacturing was all over the map on these chokes over time. The only way to know how it shoots for sure is the pattern it.

    Kibble Geebig
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    Inside Diameter: .720″

    Precision-matched to fit Remington shotguns equipped with interchangeable Rem Chokes, Wingmaster HD (Heavy Density) Extended Choke Tubes are optimized for the Wingmaster HD shot and other non-toxic shot – including steel shot. Machined from solid billet 17-4 stainless steel. Made in USA.

    Wright County, MN
    Posts: 1471

    The rem full choke is .687

    So the OTD is just a touch less constricted than a full choke. Good to know. Full should be a tighter pattern then. Thanks guys. Plan didn’t work out Saturday. Two gobblers were roosted 100 yards, one on each side of us. We were smack dab in the middle. I thought this is going to be a slam dunk. Both gobbling heavy until they flew down from roost. Then they both went opposite directions away from us. Lol. No interest in us at all. Then the boy went out by himself Sunday. Had 2 Jake’s destroy my decoys while a Tom hung up at 75 yards strutting until the Jake’s got tired of kicking my decoys a$$ and then all meandered away. He learned the old one in the hand is better than two in the bush adage the hard way. Lol.

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