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Red Rock Crappies

  • daveeast
    Posts: 25

    Thursday 4/23 went to red rock looking for crappies. Tried below dam at several spots the locals said should be good
    and nothing. There were lot of fishermen on south side of
    dam. They were cathing white bass . I went upto Roberts Creek tried and nothing then went to old highway 14 Bridge saw 2 crappies caught there. I finally gave up.

    Newton, Iowa
    Posts: 229

    One of the guys I know fished Red Rock last Friday. The crappie were biting then, but in shallow bays, tight to cover. Haven’t heard anything since, but this cold front coming through won’t help any…

    Central Iowa
    Posts: 57

    The spillway from Roberts Creek, where it empties into Red Rock, has been a good spot for crappies and whites years past, need to get down there soon.

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