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2007 starts off with a bang

  • landscats
    North Dakota, USA
    Posts: 360

    Well I was able to get on the river tonight to see what changes were made to the snags and the banks along the Red River. Fished and tested out the boat for about three hours tonight and we landed five cats with two in the 31″ class. My son did manage the biggest cat but it wasn’t by much if anything at all.

    Water levels are having a slight effect on fishing with the heavy rains down South. Water gauges South of Grand Forks are showing a four foot increase over the last two days so there is alot of water that is heading this way. Fishing is only going to get better in May so watch for more reports coming soon.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 59372


    I’m looking forward to more photos of those RR channels Kent!

    Mantorville, MN
    Posts: 3668

    I think you may have just heard me getting jealous of you while reading that

    Fantastic fish, and great picture of your son. The Red is a great fishery. I look forward to getting there sometime

    Sparta, WI
    Posts: 9362

    Very nice

    Mike C and I were going to head out after work tonight but at 2am my guts changed the plans

    North Dakota, USA
    Posts: 360

    From the way the last couple of years have went the best spring fishing will last until the end of the first week in June then slow. So if you looking for a great biute now is the time.

    Cold Spring
    Posts: 112

    I can’t wait to get up there. Great pic by the way.

    North Dakota, USA
    Posts: 360

    Man oh man was it cold last night. We tried fishing for about three hours and landed something like seven cats with three over the 30″ mark. Didn’t get any pictures since the wind and mist were so bad. River is starting to go down here in Grand Forks and shold take sometime with the amount of rain they had South of town. With the water getting back within its banks fishing should only improve.

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