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Red lake

  • Ed
    Minnetrista, MN
    Posts: 57

    This appeared in Outdoor News earlier this month.

    I don’t think this will resolve the over harvesting.
    I posted my thoughts on the process. I hope each of you voice your concerns.

    Here is what I posted today – I’m not sure it will meet their guidelines before it is released by the magazine.

    So the agreement is about a million pounds a year of harvesting. Is this One million or 1.6 million? How is this broken down between fishing and harvesting and who is going to monitor this program from over harvest? Who is paying to replenish the lake annually. This is not a transparent agreement. I believe without transparency it will fail again and again.

    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 2486

    Seems to be working, there is more pressure than ever and the fishing is still stupid good, not sure what more you can ask for.

    Cloquet, MN
    Posts: 530

    I don’t think this will resolve the over harvesting.

    What over-harvesting? Have you looked at the DNR/Band surveys for the last few years?? There is no shortage of walleye in the Red Lakes. In fact there was a “surplus” of spawning sized fish that were targeted to be removed over the past year.
    The Memorandum has been in existence for 20 years and has produced arguably the best walleye fishery in the State. This is one place where both sides are making it work.
    Oh, and no one is paying to replenish the lake annually, it is all natural reproduction.
    Here’s part of a Dec. 7th article from the Star Trib:

    State and tribal fisheries managers will cut the walleye harvest on Red Lake next year by 20% to adjust to a reduction in spawners and to maintain a good quantity of the lake’s signature fish.

    The change follows a year in which fishing regulations were loosened to check a walleye surplus. Henry Drewes, DNR regional fisheries manager in Bemidji, said spring/summer regulations will be determined in April after the winter catch is analyzed.

    “When the fish are there, we loosen the harvest,” Drewes said. “We had a surplus in spawner stock abundance. … We’ve fallen back to ‘optimal.’ ”

    The DNR and Red Lake Nation agreed to smaller harvest targets on Wednesday, the same day that the state and band renewed the official memorandums of understanding to co-manage Red Lake’s walleyes. The Chippewa band controls 85% of Minnesota’s largest inland lake. The remainder — 48,000 acres of Upper Red Lake — is state territory.

    “Obviously, the fishery is in really good shape,’’ DNR Fisheries Chief Brad Parsons said.

    Ice Cap
    Posts: 1985

    Seems to be working, there is more pressure than ever and the fishing is still stupid good, not sure what more you can ask for.

    Agreed. And it’s going to be producing some trophies in the next few years with the current slot being what it is. It’s amazing to see how much pressure that lake gets especially early in the season and it’s still as good as it is.

    With all the lakes in the middle of the state (Duluth area) being trashed for ice fishing already with all the early snow there is going to be greater pressure on Red and LOTW this year. I still won’t be surprised if they reduce the bag limit by one at some point this year.

    I was talking to Cookie last year and he said he likes to go help the DNR pull their nets in when he can. He said he was surprised at the size of some of the fish and the amount of bait fish was astounding. Good signs.

    David Bollig
    Posts: 66

    Ed, a post such as yours should be removed not for its abject ignorance but more so in that it is meant only to inflame not inform. You should be ashamed.

    waskish minnesota on upper red lake
    Posts: 774

    since they re opened walleye I never expected to see such a verity of larger fish. We always thought the nets were taking all the bigger fish before they could get to trophy size. The dnr has done a outstanding job working with the red lake nation. Totally different animal them mil lacs.
    Had my mom up here a few years ago late summer. We caught a few fish .My mom commented man I wish they were biting better so we could take them in and come get more. she was remembering the old days when double, triple dipping was so common here on the shore of upper red lake

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