recomendation on some musky gear

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    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Hodag Hunter wrote:</div>
    My 1978ish Garcia 6500C does 19″ of line per turn of the handle. It was “high speed”.

    And a 6.5′ rod was considered extremely long too. Now a lot of guys use 9′ rods.

    I remember when I first started Musky fishing. a 5-5.5′ rod was the norm. They were often called a pool cue, and had about as much flex as a pool cue. A 6′ rod was though of as as a LONG rod. Now most ever thing I own is 7-8.5 Ft long.

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    That’s 😄 I still have a late 70s 5’-6” ugly stick with the ambassador 6500

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    Haven’t splurged on a Tranx so no input but have been happy with Daiwa Lexas and Garcia Revo Toro S and Revo Toro Beast. Also have the Okuma 364 and 371 and like those as well.

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