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Recent walleye info?

  • Greg Perz
    Posts: 242

    I am headed up to Reeds in walker this Saturday to pick up a new deer rifle and I am debating if I should bring the boat or not. I have never fished Leech before but would love to find some eater sized walleyes (I primarily fish Mille Lacs). Any info to get me pointed in the right direction is appreciated.


    Sean Solberg
    St. Paul
    Posts: 107

    Definitely bring the boat.

    I was up a little over a week ago and the bite was strong in the morning pulling cranks over 10-12′ flats. There was also a decent jerkbait bite. With the cooling temps, I think the jerkbait bite and maybe the jig/minnow bite will likely be picking up, but cranks should still produce.

    Tight lines,

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