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Lake Rathbun

  • holennet
    Park View, Iowa
    Posts: 175

    Son and I fished Rathbun for the first time May 21 -22. We put in at Honey Creek State Park, nice boat ramp. We fished May 21 afternoon til dark. Trolled for walleyes along the dam and fished for crappie in cover with no luck. On May 22 we fished from morning to late evening, concentrating on crappie. Nothing in the brush or cover, finally started catching a few crappie drifing with minnows in the bays. Also picked of a few more crappie and one small walleye trolling with plastics. The lake was very muddy, like fishing in chocolate milk. Temps were in the low 70’s. I was told by a number of folks that fishing was slow, and the crappie spawn has not yet happened. Tosse the walleye and crappie back that we did catch so they could grow some. Beautiful lake we had a great time, maybe the fishing will be better on our next trip.

    NE IA
    Posts: 736

    holennet, welcome aboard a great site Sounds like you and the son still had a good time even though the fishing wasn’t up to par. Had alot of rain thru the area to make it muddy. How was the water level? Thanx for the report and good luck fishing

    Missoula MT, Eldridge IA
    Posts: 125

    Fishing is fishing, and it’s all good!!! Sounds like a great time to me. ( I still think Mark caught all the fish!! ) Besides, you could have been stuck here in the office with me and we both know some of these people just ain’t right!

    Good report.

    Park View, Iowa
    Posts: 175

    The water level was about 4 feet above normal. Talking to anglers, folks at bait shops, the level is the best they have seen in a few years. Looking forward to fishing the lake again. We stayed at Grey Goose Inn, about 2 miles from the boat ramps at Honey Creek. Nice facility, have power outlets to charge trolling motors. Good place to stay if anyone is planning on fishing the lake for a few days…bait shop 2 blocks away, has gas also.

    Somerset, Wisconsin
    Posts: 533

    Anybody been eye fishing lately?

    Albia, IA
    Posts: 185

    Not me….I’m in one of those horrible cycles where I have to work when the sun is out and it’s pouring rain during playtime. I have got to get my priorities straight. I haven’t heard of any hot bites unless your fish for crappies.

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