Any Info for a newb?

  • superstud1331
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    My fiance and myself were moving into the area within the next couple months and was wanting to know how the fishing is here and Red Rock are. We fish for about anything and everything. We were interested in the lake themselves more-so than the tailwaters. Thanks in advance.

    se iowa
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    not real familiar with red rock but i do fish rathbun about a dozen times per year. the lake is one of the best walleye fisheries in the area and has excellent catfish and striper-whitebass fishing. crappie fishing can also be fantastic if you hit it just right. i do a lot of trolling for walleye and catch numerous crappie-striper-catfish inadvertently. the lake can be REAL crowded on weekends so i tend to fish during the week-but you can catch fish on the weekends just have to fight a bunch jet skiis and water skiers. if you don’t have a boat the spill ways at both reservoirs have real good fishing at certain times of the year-all dependent on flow and water clarity, etc. hope that helps some and good luck.

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