im getting frustrated

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    So i fished friday -sunday and all i got was a bunch of wipers or whatever they are called, alot of catfish, and three eyes that were only 10″. I tried by island veiw for a couple hours both days jigging crawlers and trolled some shad raps and never caught 1 eye. so I finally trolled the north shores and that is the only way i caught any eyes, and i did go shallower with the cranks 4′-13′. The three small ones were in about 5-6 fow. How come I hear of people catching nice ones on the bun, heck i would be happy with anything larger than 10″.

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    don’t feel bad, i fished all day on saturday and did about the same. the walleyes on rathbun can be very hard to figure out at times. personally i think the high water and lack of water clarity are impacting the walleye fishing as of late at rathbun. it certainly hasn’t ‘fished’ like it has in years past. and by the way those are white bass or some call striped bass or stripers you were catching. wipers are a cross between the ocean going striped bass and a white bass and can run up to 10 to 15lbs and will really strip line. the des moines river system has wipers and pool 14 on the mississippi. wipers are all stocked fish they don’t reproduce in the wild. at least the stripers give you something to think about and reel in from time to time.

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    I have been down there one time this year and that is because I haven’t had the fishing like i usually do. All you have to do is keep trying the fishing down there isn’t going to be like this forever. It sounds like all the tactics you tried for fishing were good ones the fish must just have a strong case of lock jaw.

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