walleye bite on rathbun

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    since no one usually gives any reports on the bite at rathbun i thought i might start the ball rolling and get some of you tight lipped anglers to open up a bit. i fished rathbun twice in the last ten days or so and have done so so catching walleyes. my first trip of the season on rathbun was May 18th and i caught about 7 walleyes, 1 crappie, a carp, and several white bass, trolling #5 jointed firetiger shadraps. all these fish were caught in about a 2 hour time frame from 5pm to about 7pm. four of the walleye were 14″ to 16″ and were kept for a fish fry.
    my last trip out-Memorial day-i started fishing around 1:30pm and called it quits about 6pm. i caught about five walleye with two being “keepers” and several white bass. i did see another boat that was trolling catch a nice 16-17″ fish and what looked to be about a #5lber. all the above fish were caught trolling shadraps on windy shorelines in about 10 to 15 FOW.
    i did notice a bunch of boats trolling right up next to shore and was wondering if anyone caught anything and if so how they did it.
    i am fairly new to the walleye fishing on rathbun and am in the learning mode and all info would be greatly appreciated.
    well that is my report.

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    I was down there for the crappie masters tourny and on the day of the tourny slow trolling around bridgeview i hooked my biggest walleye ever at 29 1/4 9.5 lbs she was a hoss also managed a few 14-17 inchers as well big one is a wall hanger for sure

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    Nice fish Mike!!! We got into some 24 – 27″ eyes in there this time last year. There’s definitely a strong population in there.

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