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Looking for a Report

  • andyjcraig
    Iowa City, Iowa
    Posts: 390

    Hey everybody, just looking for a report from the bun. I’m headed down with a group this weekend looking for crappies and eyes. From what I’ve heard the crappies are coming off the spawn now and should pick up soon. Haven’t heard anything about the eyes, but this is that time of year for the shallow trolling bite, right?

    Thanks for any input.

    Off Red Rock
    Posts: 47

    Good luck on the report, for whatever reason, everyone is always pretty tight lipped when it comes to the bun.

    The big girls haven’t really been showing up so far yet, from what I hear, must still be deep. Lots of smaller fish being caught though. THe pts were hot earlier in the week, but the tourney last weekend, proved that bite had definitely slowed. Fish were being caught shallow (4ft) and deep(12-18).

    I plan on heading down on Sunday.

    Iowa City, Iowa
    Posts: 390

    I’ll be out in a black 1600 lund explorer so say hey if you see me. Thanks for the info. From what i’ve heard the bite has been great for eyes/crappies/whites so i’m excited. What points are you referring to? i’ve never been there so i’m thinking rolling cove flats, south fork island areas to start and go from there.

    Thanks for the help.

    6ft under
    Posts: 3242

    If you’re looking for eggy females head for the island view and dam area. From the info I’ve gotten the last couple days it looks like the spawn is over for the most part. Not a good one at all. If I was to go, I’d be checking the 5 to 8 ft. depths. If the water is clean, those fish won’t be on the banks.
    otherwise I’d be looking for post spawn fish at the mouths of the coves-suspended and feeding on the shad.
    Sad situation is what we are going to see in a few years as far as crappie go. That lake definately needs about 15 more feet of water for a couple years to get a couple decent spawns.
    Good luck fellas.
    ps not sure about this but I heard the Island view ramp near the dedication site and the ramp at Rolling cove are closed due to low water. That’s going to make for some crowding at the others. Better go early.

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