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Rainy Lake 2023

  • walleyesforme
    Posts: 11

    Figured I might as well get this started since the season is a few weeks old already. We have been mostly crappie fishing and they have been cooperating fairly well depending on the day and wind direction. It seems like they are pretty much wrapping up with the spawn so it will soon be time to start chasing walleyes. Anyone else been out at all? Also does anyone know if any of the resorts/restaurants on the lake will cook your fish like they do on low or red lake?

    Wayne Daul
    Green Bay, Wi
    Posts: 341

    Thunderbird does a excellent job.

    Posts: 140

    Thanks for the report, how is the water level looking? We are 18 days out for our annual trip to Rainy. Getting a bit excited to go!
    I can imagine the bugs are bad there like everywhere else?

    Posts: 11

    I would say the water lever is pretty normal right now. It seems like it might have came up a little in the past week but nothing crazy. Makes it nice for getting in and out of the boat on the crib docks. The dam must be wide open or close to it because the amount of water moving in Ranier is incredible! The mosquitoes are somewhat tolerable during the day and a breeze helps but when evening comes around it’s pretty much impossible to be outside. Last weekend was the first time we noticed some fish coming out of the shallow bays/places they spawn and seemed like they were setting up on the points at the mouths of those bays or if there were islands close by we saw some along those as well.

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