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Feeling the love for Minocqua!

  • bigpike
    Posts: 6255

    Glad to see “Minocqua area lakes” has its own spot on the mighty IDO. Big improvement and while I don’t get to this prime fertile fishing area as much as I used too I will certainly do what I can to make it a success!

    W Central Sconnie
    Posts: 4100

    Great for snowmobiling also

    Birnamwood, WI
    Posts: 554

    I’ve been waiting for this as well! Although I don’t think there are that many guys on Ido from that particular area, but perhaps I’m wrong on that. I am very excited to have this forum up and will post reports when I make it to the area for sure!

    Posts: 6255


    Great for snowmobiling also

    Love the closed road snowmobiling in the area

    Minocqua, Wisconsin
    Posts: 3842


    I think its great that some love was thrown our way… It was started by a few postings from one of our guides up here whose bait shop is one I have frequented since before Kurt purchased it. I’ve always been loyal to that store. Since Kurt has been in it, our firendship has bloomed…

    So when he lost an interest in posting almost right away, I seized the moment to continue posting his excellent reports!!! I have been known to fish 3-4 times a week, but a change in my life has taken me away from those opportunities, but my network of fishing allies still remains and is very strong. I hope to get out at least once a week though right now that is being tough as I have a black Lab that wants my attention to go chase feathered things!!! I haven’t even had the chance to mention this to Kurt yet.

    Every one who is happy that this happened should give a shout out to Scott of Flambeauvista of the TFF thread who made the suggestion to the top IDO brass. There were some other threads not being used as much and we got an opportunity. Hopefully we will be able to keep the IDO viewers up-to-date in our info and be able to maintain this new Minocqua thread!!!


    Wisconsin Dells WI
    Posts: 908

    Just found this thread! love it!

    Michael Saal
    Merrill, Wi
    Posts: 587

    Just seen the new thread tonight too. Musky Ben we just got a new Black Lab pup from the Butternut area. I’ve been working with “Kamper” until the ice conditions improve.

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