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Proud Dad moment

  • Craig Sery
    Bloomington, MN
    Posts: 1036

    This evening on gull was one I’ll never forget. My daughter wanted to go walleye fishing so we headed up to cabin this morning. We didn’t get out until about 4 pm. Wasn’t marking much so headed right up against weedline when she hit. We were pulling spinners and she had hers in rod holder. I knew it was a nice fish when it hit. She told me she didn’t need help and grabbed rod, I stood back and watched. Made a couple runs on her and she swung its head in net. It was a fish I’ll never forget, and made me one proud dad to be part of it. It was her first one over 18”.

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    Morel King
    Posts: 504

    Good times waytogo

    Posts: 3186

    nicely done !!
    good job dad teaching her how to fish !!

    SE MN
    Posts: 3218

    Way to go Craig, i got the same feeling this weekend. My daughter stuck a 14.75″ crappie but just dragged it in like a wet sock. It wasn’t until it surfaced when I seen what it was. Someday I hope she asks me to take her fishing besides the other way around.

    Craig Sery
    Bloomington, MN
    Posts: 1036

    I’m with you eyeguy. I definitely got outfished by her today, I only caught one fish all day, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I let her pick out her color before we went out, now I need to order more of those because she was on fire tonight

    Tom Sawvell
    Posts: 9559

    That’s pretty cool. Time well spent. Dandy fish to boot!

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
    Posts: 13189

    applause Well done! applause

    Enjoy these moments, they grow up so fast. Next thing you know it will be the grandkids you are taking fishing.

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