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Propping a 238

  • Marco Pelton
    Posts: 19

    I’m posting this for a friend of mine who purchased a new 238. His boat is equipped with the Verado 400 and a 15 kicker, trim tabs, ect.

    Factory prop was an Enertia ECO 18 pitch. We are, with two of us in it, struggling to hit RPM’s.

    Top speed is 52 with the motor trimmed very, very high and RPM’s @ 5800. If you keep trimming to try and increase the RPM’s the rooster tail will get about 20 foot high and steering and control is horrible.

    Should we not be hitting higher RPM’s?

    Any other props worth trying? I have a Bravo LT 20.5 and a 19 pitch Enertia we could try. But if we aren’t hitting RPM’s that makes me think we need a shorter prop…but I can’t hardly think that a boat and motor that big would only push a 17 pitch???

    I’m not sure where the motor is mounted.

    Thanks for any opinions.

    Posts: 1103

    Get ahold of Kent Anderson. Message him on Facebook or call warrior and see if you can leave him a message. I know he’s fishing the NWT this week so he might not respond right away. He’ll know though!

    Reef Whooligan
    Posts: 1640

    Mercury website says full throttle RPM should be 6200-6800

    Dean Marshall
    Chippewa Falls WI /Ramsey MN
    Posts: 5822

    Sorry, I missed this post. 6200 RPMs or close to it is the ideal range. The 17Eco enertia to date has been the preferred prop shipping with the 238. Some boats were shipped however with a temporary prop with the customers knowledge due to back ordered 17 enertia props.

    Obviously, elevation, hot weather, and heavy loads do impact the overall performance.

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