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Propane outboard?

  • tindall
    Minneapolis MN
    Posts: 1090

    Wondering if anyone has experience/feedback with propane outboards. I have a 1977 4.5hp 2-stroke that I use for a small boat, but it needs lower unit work and I’m wondering if it is time to upgrade. I don’t put many hours on it – mainly just just getting me moved around on small lakes.

    I am also wanting to have a motor that would work for our raft. The propane ones are popular in the whitewater community because they can be stored on their side like a 2 stroke, we already carry propane for other purposes, and there is no stinky mess of spilling mix gas.

    Looking primarily at the 5hp Mercs or tohatsu. Looking for input as to whether this will suit my needs.

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