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Posting pictures

  • buck-slayer
    Posts: 1499

    Can’t figure out how to post pictures to this site from my phone. Can someone walk me through it.

    Reef Whooligan
    Posts: 1805

    You just click the “browse” button at the bottom, in the attachments section, and select your photo. What happens when you click “browse” depends on your phone a bit. On mine, a samsung android, I see recent files and can select which app to look through so I pick “Photos” which is the google photos app to browse my camera pictures. I’m not sure what it looks like exactly on an iphone. If you want more pictures click “add another file” and do it again. If they are full size pictures you can probably only attach 2, maybe 3, at a time to stay under the file size limit. The server is also really slow so your post will show up without pictures at first but they’ll display eventually.

    Grand rapids mn
    Posts: 1206

    Mine is here on I phone

    1. ABF93173-A3F9-43D9-897B-DC6AE41B8EA8.jpeg

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
    Posts: 13112

    I’m on iPhone. When I click on choose file, it brings me up to my Photos file on my phone. I click on the photo I want, and my phone gives me an option to change the resolution from original high medium lol. I click on medium so that the file size is smaller when done submit your post. I do run into issues occasionally if my data connection is weak

    1. A4AAF996-3FB7-4E8A-9899-B6D806351E51.jpeg

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    Eau Claire, WI
    Posts: 873

    When trying to include a picture I get a blocked message what am I doing wrong

    Dakota County, MN
    Posts: 4488

    Testing a picture with this post. Did you make sure of the file type and size? Maybe it’s too large of a photo, it should be less than 10.24 MB.

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