Water Speed Limit?

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    I thought I read in the regs that we are limited to 55mph on the water in Mn. I assume this also means the Mississippi River. Do you guys know if this is true, not that I have to worry about exceeding that with my 115 but I read the posts of some with the mega engines and it sounds like running in the 60’s OR more…can be pretty common. Anybody know?

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    Hadn’t heard that. I’d be interested to know.

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    A state wide water speed limit would be news to me. There’s no mention of it in the MN Boating Guide at the DNR site. I do know that there is a statewide 55 water speed limit in Michigan, but not here in MN. There are some lakes, however that have speed limits (Minnetonka, for instance).

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    There has been talk to a speed limit on the St Croix but haven’t heard of any thing on the O’le Miss

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    saw this post and thought I’d check my DNR MISS RIVER GUIDE copyright 1998, all I could find were rules concerning no wake zones and some special rules on parts of pool 4 during high water. it indicated this was just a summary of the laws. it would seem that there are no specific speed limits (! ). my personal feeling is that even in the channel I like to take it easy and be vigilant of course I have a smaller rig and the ol river is full of surprises. a side note, funny what you learn by reading; if your moter is equipped with a lanyard type engine cutoff switch (deadman) it MUST be attached to the boat operator while underway. I didn’t know that but I’ve always used it since it just seemed like a good idea. kenn

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    A speed limitation that will get you a ticket if an enforcement agency chooses to issue a citation is this. U S Coast Guard regulations state that any body of water 300 acres or more the speed limit from sunset to sunrise is 10 MPH. This regulation is a four line hard to find, piece in the boating regulations, set forth by the Coast Guard. At sunset there is still 30 minutes of good visability in most cases. However it is the time, not the ability to see clearly, that they can issue a ticket if they choose. This regulation cost me $115.00 last summer, on Lake Michigan, fishing the Port of Indiana, Portage , In.

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    This is some more news i guess considering last summer at night i have gone by dnr patrol boats well over 30 and they did nothing. Also, even if minnesota had a gay speed limit of 55 mph, mississippi is boundary waters and minnesota’s gay law would not enforce anything on it unless you were on the side of the tracks that run alon the river.

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    Is the no-wake zone in Red Wing a speed zone. I see that the signs are up but the buoys are not in the water. Is the no wake zone enforced all year. When I have been fishing at Red Wing I see boats going full throttle in the zone.

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    I LOVE the no-wake zone in Red Wing.

    Ever see a barge go anywhere without making a wake. I’m waiting for the day when the local sheriff pulls over a 300′ long barge and issues him a citation for creating a wake coming through town.

    Guess it depends who you are.


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    Yes the barges in Red Wing make a wake – doesn’t really even seem that they slow down there. As one who keeps a boat slip there, I can tell you that they do rock the docks but usually not as bad as a pleasure or fishing boat blowing through there. It is a no wake zone year around although very often in the winter people will ignore that. I checked the regs once and “no wake” was defined as slowest speed possible to maintain boat control not to exceed 5mph (maybe 10mph can’t recall for sure) So I would guess barges probably can’t go any slower and maintain control which is why they seem to be exempt from no wake rules that apply to the rest of us.

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    I thought the boat limit was the same as the snowmobile.

    50 mph. ??

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    I have fished down in Red Wing a lot. Does the Sheriff even have a boat?

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    not only does he have a boat…. Ive heard they have been out often this winter.. at least on weekends… and have been very strict on any violations…..

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    I have never been stopped or checked by the sheriff. What kind of violations are they strict on. Can they check your boat like the DNR.

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    If you fish on the Mississippi do you need to have an airhorn in the boat? I have heard a few people mention this , if so it is news to me. I have fished the river quite a few times and have never had a horn in the boat. Does it have to be in sight or can it be stored in a compartment?

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    Hay Red Rock, I see your new to being a “boat captain”.

    Before you drop that new rig in the water you better check with your states laws. In Iowa, anything over 10 hp must have fire extinguisher. Anything over 16 feet long must have a large throwable devise and it will be something other than a life jacket. Also 16′ ers need a sound devise, Whistle, air-horn,etc. Then there’s anchors, paddles, a life jacket for every sole, and lots more that you will find hard to believe. I have heard that up there at Red Wing when the sherriff comes around you want to have your throwable devise out and where you can throw it. Havent heard that one about Iowa. However when it comes to these DNR-USCG-STATE laws nothing will surprise me. Like I said, check with your state. When you went and registered that new toy they should have given you at least a phamplet with some of the rules and regs in it. You may want to talk to some of your buddys that already have a rig there. They will fill you in on your states perticulars.

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    Thanks for the info. I have an extinguisher and air horn. However they are stowed away in a storage compartment. I will go over my regs tonight, I live in WI so I will follow my states regs, however I fish tournaments in MN so I better give those a good going through as well.

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    In Minnesota/Wisconsin border waters (Mississippi and St. Croix) here is what you want to be in compliance with. Just answer “Yes Sir” and comply promptly, you will be done in a matter of minutes.

    1. Life jacket for each passenger. Not stored in a compartment. Jipped up on a boat seat works best for me if I’m not wearing it.

    2. Throwable, not stored. A seat cushon meets this rule. I sit on mine, and have at least two in the boat.

    3. Fire extinguiser. Required if you have an enclosed fuel compartment. But, I suggest that every boat have one. For $12 bucks, you point to it and say “There”,

    4. Your boat registration card and fishing license.

    If you can quickly produce these 4 items when asked, you will be on your way in a hurry.

    The law states you need a horn or a whistle. However, I have never been asked to test my horn or blow my whistle. I do have both on board however.


    Houlton, WI.
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    Thanks for the info. I am in complience . I am always courteuos to dnr,police as they are only doing thier jobs. So I should be on my way in no time.

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