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    Don’t think i’ve seen a thread on Pillows yet –

    In need of a new one. Been using a MyPillow for 10 + years and it’s finally coming apart in the wash and making a mess. Was going to go with another one, and maybe even try their 2.0 pillow. But up for suggestions on other pillows if someone has stumbled across something they really like. I’m about 6′ tall and 225 lbs and a side sleeper.

    DISLCLAIMER – Because it’s inevitable that some will choose to take this south – this is about pillows, not politics. I could care less about Mike Lindell’s political affiliations, he makes a good, USA-made product, and if some of my money eventually goes to some of his causes, I’m OK with it. Once I spend it, it’s not my money anymore. I know a lot of the money I spend on other stuff that I don’t even think about goes to causes I probably wouldn’t otherwise support. I bought my first MyPillow way before everyone hated each other for everything – it’s lasted a long time and i’ve slept well on it. So probably going with another one but open to suggestions!

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    Search “My pillow” there’s a bunch.

    I really didn’t like the My Pillow

    I like these.
    Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Pillows Made in The USA – Queen Size, Slim Cooling Bamboo Pillow for Sleeping on Side, Back & Stomach – Firm and Soft Bed Pillows
    I think they were $20 or so on amazon

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    I’m a big fan of the purple pillow, been using one for about 3 years now. My wife did not care for her’s so we gave it to our 11 year old son for his bed. He says that he doesn’t toss and turn as much and falls asleep much faster.

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    My favorite pillow is a SleepNumber ergonomic pillow. They have an air valve like Thermarest mattress so you can adjust the firmness. I like a firm supportive pillow.

    My second favorite pillow that I use on the couch is a MYPillow stuffed into a smaller zippered throw pillow case.

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    Look up Sleep for Success….Dr. James Maas. I bought this pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond and it functions as well now as it did when I bought it close to 20 years ago. Amazing pillow. I did buy a king size but it conforms to however you want to sleep.

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